Norbert Weiner poses foreshadows New Media Idolatry by man

It was said once by famous Christian apologetic author Ravi Zacharias in his book “Jesus Among other Gods that “Humans were created to worship. If you don’t worship God you’ll find something else to worship.” Norbert Weiner, the person who helped design communication systems for both war and peace, and the father of what is called Cybernetics asked a question along the same lines in his regards to people worshiping machines in what he was speaking of as the present and future, “Is there a reality in this country that we as humans have shaped by bowing down before our ‘brass calf, the idol’, which is the gadget” ( Murray 71)?

The topic of discussion one is trying to get at here is not of Christianity, but the latter question. Have we as a society started to “bow down to the gadget”? You can clearly see the how citizens all over the world, especially ones of the more youthful age demographic seem to “flood” the digital world with pictures, comments, opinions, ideas, and even movements (black lives matter, LGBT, ISIS, etc). You can clearly see that many treat cell phones as an attachment of their own flesh, but not merely for the phone itself, but the information they have stored in there. In Wiener’s very own “God and Golem” he points out “Knowledge is a fact, Worship is a fact, and these facts are subject to human investigation quite apart from the accepted theology” (Weiner 2).

I add the latter to say this: Weiner pointed out with the latter quote worship is a reality of life therefore concurring with the first quote from Ravi Zacahrias. He also points out knowledge is a fact which is obvious. So the question lingers still in one’s mind, if indeed we have indulged in a twisted irony of the “Creation (humans) serving the created (inventions)”, do we have the knowledge to logically recognize and “turn the machine to human advantage” (Murray 72)? Because one agrees ultimately with Weiner when he says “the machine itself has no particular favor for humanity” (Murray 72), in his regards to his present witnessing of technology at that time, but also his brilliant foreshadowing of the soulless digital entity that is New Media.

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