The changing of the guard

Nobody wants to feel like they are being mislead or fooled; we as human don’t really like being wrong about any decision we make, statements we put out, anything we subscribe to in our lives. Ever! So when it comes to this digital age of intelligence, technology, and information is all of this stuff making us “smarter, better informed individuals? Or is it creating a society of lazy thinkers and socially awkward screen-gazers” (article-

In this generation of instant gratification it seems you can hardly get people to focus on something without our attention being pulled to something else moments later, it’s quite a bit ironic that in this 21st century of detailed and precise technological advancement many people have willingly put aside the facts and details that actually reside right in front of their faces (scholarly articles or informational books that are on the web) for unstructured and dramatic sensations that come along with scandalous You-tubers who rant off only their opinions which make them wise in their own eyes, or  the popular Facebook videos of a group of people fighting or b-list celebrities doing whatever it is they feel they need to do to promote their brand on Facebook live.

This is the changing of the guard, something like the digital age that could be seen at times  to be a thing that could help our culture advance in many ways, is on the other hand actually hindering it and pulling us into a bondage we are as a culture aware of, but numb too. This echoes of Peter’s 2nd letter in the New testament in which he in chapter 2 verse 19 describes some twisted versions Christian truth being taught, “promising them freedom while they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by what a man is overcome, by this he is enslaved.” Comparing that verse to this situation of digital age is very relevant because the verse speaks volumes of bondage upon the human race through this influx of technology that we’ve took hold of.

While it may be good on one end of the spectrum it’s clearly visible that we as a whole have been overcome by these technologies in a negative fashion, and as Langdon Winner does point out, “By and large the computer revolution is conspicuously silent about its own ends” (Winner 590). Meaning the inventors and developers of these digital age could probably careless about how it affects because of the bondage they themselves are in whether it is a race for profit, achievement, or just the sheer enjoyment of invention. This also echoes back to 2nd Peter because of his warning of false prophets and teachings. Could these “movers and shakers” (Winner 590) be those type of false leaders that have developed these great inventions that lead both parties down a road of destruction?

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