Lunix+Opensource=running the race of endurance

What’s better? Short-term gain or long-term gain? While many of us in society today would say long-term with our lips our heart is far removed from that idea. Because of today’s society obliterating the concept of delayed gratification through developments in technology over the past 45 years (Siri, Fast food drive thru, the text message read receipt, social media). That however is not the case for Open source software programs like Linux who believe in staying away from short-term gain profit or praise that proprietary companies such as Apple or Microsoft relish, for the long-term gain of approval and the respect of the consumers/users/developers that enjoy their product.

The real life application in how Lunix has went from “strength to strength” ( in accordance to keeping with the long-term point of view takes one again to the Holy Library of Scriptures. In the book of Hebrews, chapter 12 verse 1, the Apostle Paul writes “Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses…Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.” While Paul is writing this in the context of how (1)the early christian community at the time [and now] should not fret or be discouraged because of the many great examples of faithful servants and testimonies to God’s grace and (2) that the Christian walk is not a sprint, but rather a marathon that requires a humbling commitment to Jesus as your savior and Lord, dying to self daily, and servitude of others; this Verse can be used in the context of Opensource like this: Lunix had decided to step-out outside of the ordinary, that is to say to a degree to step out in faith, and committed themselves as a company to running that race of endurance. Their race may not have been as clean-cut and structured at the beginning  as a proprietary, and definitely not bringing in as much profit as a proprietary (at the beginning at least), but they stuck to the race of endurance that was set before them. 

They stuck to their uniqueness in which the consumer today has now laid a type of  software “crown of righteousness” upon the head of Linus Torvalds’s head. It seems Lunis knew, to a certain degree what self-centered proprietary companies didn’t know, didn’t grasp, or purely forgot: when you as a leader/business owner give an individual consumer a proper platform to shine, they (individual/consumer) illuminate you (business owner/leader) in the process!

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