Way too much skin in the game to just be a Read-only culutre

In Lawrence Lessig’s Ted-talk  he lets us know in the 20th century, we moved from read-write to a read only culture, but is that so? In terms of consumerism it appears to be, but our culture’s core of activity, that being the social media apps and new electronic advancements with phones and gaming systems; I beg to differ. By Lessig’s definition of Read-only culture it is a “one-way process. Media is consumed rather passively and the content is provided from a professional source like traditional media.” But we don’t allow media to be consumed passively any longer. For example the terrorist attacks in Paris, France on November 13, 2015 tell a story of live amateur journalism that updated the world from situation to situation.

A tweet from German Johannes Muller, one of the first to write about the explosions, wrote directly to the German national team (who was playing France in the stadium near the explosion at the time) asking them if there had indeed been an explosion.“was it a bomb or was it harmless?” he tweeted. Minutes later the situation switches to Twitter user @Pierre75010 proceeding a live tweet outside a restaurant he was at throughout the whole night; while he was doing that a gunman opened fire across the road on Cambodian restaurant Le Petit Cambodge.

What one is trying to show through these moment to moment tweets is that our culture is not on the sidelines viewing, we are many times right in the thick of whatever is going on, and so when it comes to the read-write culture @Pierre75010 and Johannes Muller recognized what was going on and posted content for everyone in the world to view, and these people that viewed most likely were not just reading or viewing; they were commenting back on the live feed or posts sent out, and starting posts of their own. There may have even been in the aftermath fundraisers to help those victims of this tragedy in need. In one’s opinion we are much more than a read only culture. We’ve got way too much skin in this game of life to just sit back and be a read-only culture.




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