Will mixed reality help change us for the better or worse?

Mixed reality by definition is virtual reality overlaid on the real world. It’s way more difficult to achieve than VR, where all you see are synthetic images. One could see this potential technology as a quite wonderful experience and yet even more of an excuse for human beings to detach themselves from further engaging in reality with other human beings and their circumstances around them. Who could blame someone for wanting to escape this world sometimes right? If I can speak in layman’s terms it sucks trying to figure out what to do with yourself and your time, but is life not meant to be shared? I am not saying this device will or will not have an abrupt impact on how we have been doing things in life.

As a matter of fact The company, Magic Leap, who is vested in this venture and backed by giants like Google doesn’t even have a Beta version for this mixed reality yet. But with 1.4 billion dollars funneled in by Apple, Samsung, and company you can bet something will pop up within the coming years. But just food for thought; It was said by the CEO of Magic Leap that “to appreciate it you have to see it”, those words right there relay power in one’s opinion because VR/MR is coming. When it does how much more will this augmented reality spruce up life just like movies, ads, social media, and phones do? Will it be for good or bad? Both? Only time will tell.


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