“How Bill Joy’s sadness relates to those who partake in social media”

In Bill Joy’s ,Why the future doesn’t need us, he regards to his professional work on “improving the reliability of software” (Joy 47), he says “I have always believed that making software more reliable, given its uses, will make the world a better and safer place; If I were to come to believe the opposite, I’d be morally obligated to stop this work. I can now imagine such a day may come” (Joy 47). If you devoted your life to a cause and made it your purpose, only to come to a realization that if you continue to do so, you could have a hand in destroying the human race. You’d be a little with melancholic too.

The same goes with our elevating of globalization, social media, and the internet itself…what have we come to find out recently? We’ve come to understand these tools in which we are supposed to help make life for us easier actually makes life harder because it keeps us distracted from creating or focusing our energies on our own individual tasks at hand. New media has us more lethargic and simplistic in our approach to daily tasks. We’d rather take pictures and  look at them on Instagram than write our 500 word essay due in class on Monday our class because we are used to the “rewards” we get from this activity.

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