FInal thoughts

Honestly I must say like many others say “the key to success is massive failure” so I haven’t gotten to the point where I have had enough failures to call myself a massive success in my network marketing career; not to mention more work needs to go into my business for it to start thriving. There are holes in my consistency as well which any successful person will tell you is vital to a person’s functioning in their own business, everything has to be organized; just striving to be a young professional excites me though! To know that within 2 to 3 years I can have the life I have always dreamed of is so crazy. As far as blogging in the future goes I definitely feel there is a big chance I could continue to blog whenever some words of positivity and guidance come over me; yea I think this will grow on me as the years go by just because it is so convenient, and it is such a great way to “let it all out!” Until then it has been a wonderful time I enjoyed in the class and Mrs. Edwards you are forever one of my mentors and meeting you this year was truly a pleasure; I hope you can turn this town of Cochran, Georgia into a media conglomerate! With all that said it has been quite a fun time in this class, and this is definitely a class I would recommend anyone take if you want to understand today’s digital media on a higher level. #WM3108

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